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The MODIS/ASTER (MASTER) airborne simulator is a joint development involving the Airborne Sensor Facility at the Ames Research Center, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the EROS Data Center. The primary objective of the MASTER activity is to support the ASTER and MODIS instrument teams in the areas of algorithm development, calibration and validation. MASTER is essentially a clone of the MODIS Airborne Simulator (MAS), with changes in the spectral band positions in order to better simulate both ASTER and MODIS.


MASTER L1b data are also available from the Ames research center: Airborne Sensor Facility


The MASTER development team devotes considerable effort to ensuring the quality and accuracy of MASTER data products. If you publish scientific results involving MASTER data, please include a reference to:

Hook, S. J. Myers, J. J., Thome, K. J., Fitzgerald, M. and A. B. Kahle, 2001. The MODIS/ASTER airborne simulator (MASTER) - a new instrument for earth science studies. Remote Sensing of Environment, vol. 76, Issue 1, pp. 93-102.